Report: Steiblcoins began to be more actively used in Defi services

Report: Steiblcoins began to be more actively used in Defi services

Steiblcoins began to be more actively used as provision in landing protocols. This is stated in the report from Coinmarketcap and Tokeninsight.

“USDC, Lena Jess – coin USDT and DAI are in total 58% of the security volume on MakerDAO and 52% on Compound. In the second quarter, the indicators increased from marks of 50% and 40%, respectively, ”the researchers said.

According to the observations of experts, TVL landing projects MakerDao, AAVE and Compound since the beginning of the year decreased by 59%, 61% and 74%. However, in the third quarter, the indicators remained almost unchanged.

The share of the Compound platform in the total indicator decreased in three months from 22% to 16%.

Among the Defi Ecosystems, Ethereum still dominates by a wide margin. However, the total TVL of TRON applications began to grow confidently after Terra collapse and the USDD algorithmic stabilcoin algorithmic stableco.

Experts also noted the growth of the ecosystem based on the second -level solution from Optimism – 161.62% per quarter. According to their observations, the platform significantly reduced the separation from the leader of the segment – Arbitrum.

Recall that Compound has suspended the support of ZRX, BAT, MKR and YFI tokens due to their low liquidity.

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