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Our top overall IT certification is Google’s Certified Professional Cloud Architect certification. It won’t break the bank but certified programmers can expect it to help them find a relatively high salary. As businesses continue to rely on increasingly complex information systems, the need for experienced IT professionals continues to grow.

The course is designed by PMI to prepare you for the CAPM certification exam — it covers project management basics and skills you’ll need for an IT project management job. A popular area of these online courses is the CS50 series, which covers computer science topics. While this course can be audited for free by anyone, a Verified Certificate is available for those that complete it for $199. Whether you’re new to customer service or an experienced rep, a customer service certification offers a real world environment to hone your skills.

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It’s worth noting that even after getting the certification you will still need to receive continuing education credits each year to maintain your credential. This is a tough requirement, but that’s a big reason why this cert is in such demand by employers. TheProject Management Professional certification has fallen from the fifth spot on last year’s list to seventh in 2021, but it’s still one of the most mature and stable certifications an IT manager can get. It’s worth noting, too, that while its ranking has gone down, the average pay that PMP certificate holders can expect has gone up. This course provides a comprehensive guide to troubleshooting a range of Windows 10 issues commonly encountered by IT professionals. This course provides Level 1 IT administrators with an overview of the most common end-user support requests related to Office 365. Get a quick recap of Office basics, including the features of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneDrive, SharePoint, OneNote, Access, Publisher, Sway, and Power BI.

It goes beyond the basics to help train you for any emergencies you might encounter while caregiving, as well as on how to deal with the variety of medical conditions and patient needs that all caregivers will experience. Other topics include food safety, physical emergencies , and other health-related issues. The customer experience transcends any one function and is often the responsibility of every team, but customer service reps champion that experience by becoming certified customer experience professionals. When a company can craft processes and responses that make the customer feel valued, seen, and appreciated the entire business benefits. With this certification, you can help lead a key function within your organization. Many customer service professionals begin their careers working in call centers, and a call center certification validates the technical, communication, and service skills of reps working with inbound and outbound calls.


There are a number of websites, organizations, and companies that offer online certification programs — for free. Security is a crucial IT skill for any technology role, so it’s a good idea to earn yourCompTIA Security+certification at the entry-level. It’s suited for network, system, and security administrators; security specialists; junior IT auditors; security consultants; and security engineers. A new exam launched in November 2020 that is compliant with ISO standards and approved by the US DoD to meet specific security requirements. With our platform, you can benchmark and prove your knowledge, keep up with emerging trends and build in-demand skills in areas like DevOps, machine learning, cloud, security and infrastructure. This is another good course on data science and machine learning, and it will teach how to use NumPy, Pandas, Seaborn, Matplotlib, Plotly, Scikit-Learn, Machine Learning, Tensorflow, and more.

The Best Data Literacy Courses of 2022 – TechRepublic

The Best Data Literacy Courses of 2022.

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Bolstering your skillset helps you perform your tasks more efficiently and with more confidence. You can take on more responsibilities, raise your visibility in the company, and be in a better position for promotions and salary increases, while avoiding the axe if layoffs occur. Improving your skills also makes you a more valuable candidate if you’re job-hunting, especially if your present employer is taking your new skills for granted. Voltage Control states that the program is made for startup founders, best courses consultants, executives, coaches, team leaders and trainers. Given the pricing and long term format of the program, we would estimate the training for anyone who wants to dive deep into facilitation and leave training with a professional facilitator portfolio. Hyper Island states that the course is suitable for people who have experience in leading people and facilitating groups. The course is designed for those who want to dive deeper into different behavioural dynamics and the nature of diverse groups.

Best Machine Learning Courses & Certifications in 2022

You’ll get a completion certificate, too, ideal for showing off your newfound skills to your employers or on LinkedIn. While the course costs just under $4,000 USD, General Assembly welcomes employer sponsorship, so it’s definitely an option worth considering. Our free, five-tutorial data analytics short course is ideal if you want a digestible introduction to data analytics. When you sign up to the platform, you’ll get access to five hands-on lessons delivered by email—each focused on a separate step of the data analytics process. The course provides a broad view of data analytics, setting you up to explore the topic further if you choose. Please note that GL Academy provides only a small part of the learning content of Great Learning. For the complete Program experience with career assistance of GL Excelerate and dedicated mentorship, our Program will be the best fit for you.

It is literally an economy of scale so that high quality education can be disseminated. Though it’s maintained a position on the top 10 certifications list, theCertified Information Security Manager certification has dropped from third place in 2020 to sixth in 2021.

Customer Service Certification

Additionally, another excellent Python resource is, which has many free Python lessons in their interactive browser environment. If you just care about using ML for your project and don’t care about learning something like PyTorch, then the fastai library offers convenient abstractions.

Which is the best professional course?

  • MBA & DBA. Executive MBA SSBM.
  • Data Science. PGP in Data Science and Business Analytics Program from Maryland.
  • M.Sc in Machine Learning & AI – LJMU & IIT M.
  • Management. PMP Certification Training PMP Online Course.
  • Digital Marketing. ACP in Customer Centricity.
  • Software Technology.
  • Business Analytics Certification Program.

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